Ministry of Social development

General Information

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Ramallah & Al-Bireh (Main Branch)

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Al Bireh / Al Moghtarebeen street







Person in Charge


Emad omran








Psychologist (2) Social Worker (293) Vocational Specialist (60)

Mission & Goals


The Ministry of Social Affairs is a leader in the social protection sector, seeking in partnership and with coordination with the ministries, government institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector and international organizations, to provide social protection for the Palestinian people, through programs in areas of protection, care and prevention, empowerment and awareness-based approach based on rights. In addition, to ensure transparency and justice, and to strengthen the resilience of the citizens, and to maintain social cohesion and solidarity.

1 - The Ministry of Social Affairs is one of the executive authorities that plays a role of specialized training in integrative framework with other ministries and various government bodies to establish rules of basic social Palestinian state according to modern bases to build a healthy society and to raise the standards of living to ensure a decent life for people of Palestine.
2 - the message of the ministry focuses on achieving comprehensive development, social security and economic growth for all Palestinian families, and to access to social welfare to build a healthy society, also to raise the standards of living to ensure a decent life for everyone on an equal basis without any ethnic, sexual, ideological or sectarian discrimination, in the process of coordinating a comprehensive understanding between the official sector and civil and private sectors, to meet work requirements with the utmost efficiency and flexibility.


1 - improving the standard of living of marginalized groups in urban and rural areas and refugee camps, and the development of social programs for the categories of people with disabilities and the elderly, children and family and juveniles and schools dropouts and to raise the level of cooperation and coordination with NGOs and civil society to achieve comprehensive development of integrated community Palestinian. • promote self-reliance, and the elimination of the existing economic dependency, through the development of local human resources, and enable poor communities, and enable eligible capacity to participate effectively in the production process of the society.
2 - Support the stability and cohesion of the family as the basic unit of society.
3 - Raising community awareness, in order to promote positive values and attitudes and combat negative phenomena in society.
4 - Improve the performance and capabilities of the ministry for the advancement of social care services to the best possible level.
5 - To contribute to an active role in economic and social development and poverty reduction and wider participation of the productive capacity of women.
6 - To contribute to the achievement of social protection.

Sub-objectives of the ministry:
1 - To contribute to the achievement of social development in collaboration with civil society organizations and various governmental institutions.
2 - Providing care and protection for human groupings through various governmental and private centers and care units.
3 - Raise the level of professionalism of the ministry institutions and social centers and the employees.
4 - Organization of the competent institutions and associations of social work and to support them to be capable to meet the needs of the Palestinian community, especially in difficult circumstances.
5 – Integrating poor communities and promote self-reliance and integrating the qualified capacity in the process of actual participation in the production cycle of the community.
6 - The protection of the Palestinian community of social problems and various negative phenomena that reflect negatively on the family and all its members.
7 - institutionalization and development of social welfare for all sectors of social work in the issuance of regulations, and laws related and develop the capacity of the ministry through the administrative procedures and the necessary technical work of the ministry, and facilitate the blinding contact and communicate through the network of advanced information and statistical database contribute to the identification of priorities and needs.
8 - to combat poverty and to provide a decent living for poor families that lost their supplier and families of martyrs and the injured in the provision of various aid ensure that the development dimension of the family and the community.
9 - Provide special care to the family and develop their capacities and to identify strategies for their issues.
10 - Guaranteeing the rights of Palestinian children and their protection and care, in addition to rehabilitation of juveniles and people with special needs of the disabled and care for orphans and the elderly, rehabilitation and training of school dropouts and the protection of victims of violence, mainly women and children, in the centers of their own insurance.
11 - To provide social and psychological counseling for the family through programs enable them to overcome the difficulties and problems they faced.

1. Relief and reduce poverty among Palestinians
2. Care and empower of vulnerable and marginalized groups
3. Build and strengthen social insurance to reach an integrated social security system
4. Develop the legislative and institutional environment and partnership to achieve social protection

Target Groups


Activities / Interventions

Information dissemination to the community at large
Information on the current situation, relief efforts or available services
Messages on positive coping
Facilitation of conditions for community local
Support for emergency relief that is initiated by the community
Strengthening of community and family support
Support for social support activities that are initiated by the community
Strengthening of parenting/family supports
Facilitation of community supports to vulnerable persons
Structured recreational or creative activities
Safe spaces
Child & Youth friendly spaces
Psychosocial support in education
Psychosocial support to student teachers
psychosocial work
Psychological first aid (PFA)
Lining vulnerable individuals/families to resources
Psychological intervention & Clinical management
Basic counselling for individuals
Basic counselling families
Basic counselling for groups
General activities to support MHPSS
Training. / TOT
Technical or clinical supervision
Psychosocial support for staff / volunteers

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Place of implementation:


Geographical Distribution of the Services / Activities:


Cost of the services provided:

FreePartial CostHealth InsuranceTotal Cost

Mental and Behavioral Disorders

Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders
Adjustment disorders
Behavioral & emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in child & adolescence
Conduct disorders
Mental disability
Mental & behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use
Drugs , opioids, cannabinoids


1 - Reproductive health.
2 - Psychological pressures generated inside the prison, and for drug addicts.
3 - AIDS prevention.