Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

General Information

Type of Organization:

Local NGO




Hebron (Main Branch)

Establishment Year:



Hebron / Al Hars- Al Isra' building-3rd floor







Person in Charge


Sa'ad Shalaldeh


Director of Hebron branch







Psychologist (1) Social Worker (3) Vocational Specialist (3) Community Worker (3)
Educational Counselor (0)

Mission & Goals


The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, invests in the democratic experience of the Palestinian society by supporting and developing the public accounting system. Where they are working on an integrated program consists of mobilization and community mobilization as well as capacity building so that citizens can build confidence in their own abilities to solve problems and societal issues. And thus take an active role to get the confidence of the community, and away from any rigid political dependency. To achieve this mission, Palestinian Center works with institutions of formal and informal, to enable them and work with them to respond effectively and responsibly to the requirements of a more aware and efficient civil society.


A - The general objectives of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution:
1 - Community awareness of the importance of the concepts of conflict resolution.
2 - Dissemination of community awareness of the general principles of human rights and democracy and to encourage institutional and civic practices.
3 - To contribute to the activation of competencies civil work effectively with all the forces and institutions of living in the community to achieve the highest level of participation of citizens in decision-making.
4 - Educate individuals, groups and institutions and all the different sectors of society, within the Palestinian community to deal with conflict in a positive and constructive manner, to create a social balance that helps in development.
5 - To contribute to the development of Palestinian social vision to have the ability to integrate into the international community, while maintaining the privacy of the Palestinian culture and civilization.
6 - Raise the internal efficiency of administrative systems within the various institutions to contribute to the advance of production in all Palestinian institutions.

B - Goals of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution:
1 - Organizing educational curricula on the subject of conflict resolution for students in schools and universities.
2 - Organization of community-based training programs for school and university students and groups from different sectors of society, to equip them with the skills of dealing positively with conflict.
3 - Provide service alternative disputes resolution, individual and group counseling, and family service through free calling line, at the headquarters of the Centers’ offices spread all around the country.
4 - Work on the analysis and design of activities according to the concepts of human rights in the curriculum of Palestinian school.
5 - Organizing community-based training programs for workers in the social field in the governmental and private institutions, to provide them with conflict resolution skills, and adapt these experiences and skills to suit their experiences emanating from the Arab culture and Palestinian traditions.
6 - To work with the various Palestinian media to provide successful models by offering activities and events to represent a successful model, in order to promote the concepts of science of conflict resolution, democracy and human rights.
7 – Organizing field programs to increase the participation of citizens in decision-making related to improving their daily lives.
8 - community-based training programs for workers in the social field of reforming commissions and mayors and village leaders to equip them with the concepts of conflict resolution.
9 - Provide community-based training programs of conflict resolution skills for union bodies.
10 - Provide special programs for journalists to find common ground that contributes to the strengthening of Palestinian society and reduce tensions that may be fueled by the press.
11 - Rehabilitation and training of cadres of community-based intervention in order to contribute in solving community conflicts and deal with all sectors of society.
12 - Providing a safe and healthy atmosphere to reach satisfactory solutions to solve family and community disputes
13 - Work on developing a resource center on the subject of conflict resolution for researchers, scholars and all those who are interested in issues of conflict resolution, democracy, and Palestinian society and its problems.

Target Groups


Activities / Interventions

Information dissemination to the community at large
Information on the current situation, relief efforts or available services
Messages on positive coping
Facilitation of conditions for community local
Support for emergency relief that is initiated by the community
Strengthening of community and family support
Support for social support activities that are initiated by the community
Strengthening of parenting/family supports
Facilitation of community supports to vulnerable persons
Structured recreational or creative activities
Psychosocial support in education
Psychosocial support to student teachers
psychosocial work
Psychological first aid (PFA)
Lining vulnerable individuals/families to resources
Psychological intervention & Clinical management
Basic counselling for individuals
Basic counselling families
Basic counselling for groups
General activities to support MHPSS
Training. / TOT
Technical or clinical supervision
Psychosocial support for staff / volunteers

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Mental and Behavioral Disorders

Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders
Phobic anxiety disorders
Obsessive – compulsive
Acute stress disorders
Adjustment disorders
Brief depressive
Mixed anxiety & depressive
Somatoform disorders
Disorders of psychological development
Specific developmental of speech & language
Scholastic skill
Behavioral & emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in child & adolescence
Hyper kinetic disorders
Conduct disorders
Emotional disorders (separation anxiety)
Behavioral & emotional disorders
Others ............
Mental disability
Behavioral syndrome associated with physiological disturbances & physical factors
Sleep disorders
Nonorganic eating disorders
Disorders of adult personality & behavior
Specific personality disorders
Habit & impulse disorders
Gender identity